About me:

Who am I, and what have I done:
Who am I? Rough question, but I believe I’m coming to a realization. Two large qualities would being active and artistic.

Personality Tests:
Holland Code:
• artistic: 30%
• realistic: 23%
• investigative: 17%
• social: 12%
• enterprising: 10%
• conventional: 8%

• luck: 35%
• guts: 30%
• smarts: 20%
• hearts: 15%

Myers Briggs:
• Introvert: 56%
• Intuitive: 25%
• Thinking: 75%
• Perceiving: 22%

Big 5:
• Open to new experience: 93%
• Conscientiousness: 41%
• Extraversion: 64%
• Agreeableness: 2%
• Neuroticism: 43%

Political Compass:
• Economic Left/Right: -10.75
• Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.95

• Red: 55%
• Yellow: 20%
• Blue: 15%
• White: 10%

• Abstractedness: 3.7/4
• Dominance: 3.5/4
• Sensitivity: 3
• Apprehension: 1.4/4
• Rule-Consciousness: 0.6/4
• Everything else: 2 to 2.7

Past work experience:
Military – Electrical engineering and nuclear science
Worked at a gun range – Enjoyable, however it was a job while I was considering going to school, never intended it to be a career. Full time minimum wage, lasted about a year and half.

Apprentice Electrician – Worked for my dad’s company as an electrician as I was trying to figure out if I wanted to go to school or go into a wilderness guide position, again, never meant to be permanent, just meant to be income as learned

Wilderness Guide – My most enjoyed job, I loved working with kids and adults, leading, exploring, and handling problems as the arose. Fantastic job, however in MN the job is seasonal and low paying. After the summer if starts to get cold again and the job goes away until the next year.

Content Management – This job was focused upon data entry and content management as I learned to program.

iOS Developer – Created multiple enterprise applications for a startup and created their the iPhone application that is the same as the web service.

Summary: a mix between working with my hands, leading and staying physically active, and engineering, solving complex problems, and implementing solutions. I enjoy both options, with a bias towards wilderness survival and working with my hands.

Careers of interest:
• Wilderness Guide: hunting, survival, or recreational. typically low paying
• Butler / Image Consultant / Personal Assistant: Assistant in helping in someones day to day life, organizing, adding beauty
• Driver / Bodyguard: more social and physical
• Security or SWAT: physically demanding and requires a high level of strategy

Current Hobbies and Interests:
• MMA: Muay Thai, Kali, and Jiu Jitsu (5+ hours a week, currently at 5 months)
• Art: Writing stories, drawing, and studying style and fashion (5+ hours a week)
• Archery: Saturday mornings to relax the mind for a while (1+ hours a week, for over a year)

Past Awards & Certificates
• Eagle Scout & National Youth Leadership
• Wilderness First Aid